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Habitat El Salvador – Josh

As someone who is not through their first year at Babson, this trip for me has been a large reassurance (not that I needed one at this point) of the college of which I am enrolled in. This trip has shown Babson in many fantastic ways for me. Firstly, the people on the trip are everything I had hoped to surround myself with a year ago when I was applying to countless colleges and universities. I think readers know the Babson Student pretty well, but in short I find Babson students to be drive, passionate, and not afraid to try new things or take risks. These are the sort of people I envisioned myself a year ago. Secondly, Babson’s continuing reputation around the world. I do not say this because I rated a school purely on its prestige, but rather I express this impression because of how great it is be a part of an institution that makes an impact around the globe. Specifically, it is an amazing feeling to be a part of a group that these local people of El Salvador think very highly of and thank for our work with Habitat over the years in the area.

On another note, this time about El Salvador. Its extraordinary to see people live so simply here. Witnessing such a lifestyle makes me question some of the things we get caught up on in our lives in the states. Since we are building houses, my mind is there. I think we get hooked up on some of the things we buy for our houses. Here, people buy what they need with little extra and they are happy people it seems. It is certainly a different life to live.