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Habitat El Salvador – Day 1 – Hiba

12 hours. That’s how long it takes to get from Boston to San Salvador. Or at least that’s how long it took us to get there. We stopped for some nice Chinese food from Panda express along the way to make the trip shorter. As we changed planes, gathered luggage, and set forth for our trip, we all questioned what it would be like once we arrived. Some of us expected a tropical paradise while others imagined a poverty stricken country. What we found was a combination of both. As we drove from the airport from San Salvador, the capital, we saw emaciated dogs, unpaved roads, trash scattered amongst the plants. But as we pulled into the resort, we were in awe at the sight of the white sandy beaches, pool tables, colorfully painted building and, our favorite, hammocks. Our first day here so far we ate freshly caught fish and drank coconut water and enjoyed the life. But as we left the resort to a smaller hotel by the work site, its time to see the other true colors of this country.