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Habitat El Salvador – Day 2 – Keira

It’s our second day in El Salvador and we just arrived at our hotel. We stayed at our “R&R” last night, where we were in an amazing outdoor resort in Rancho Estero y Mar. Our first expenditure was to a forest attached to the resort through a bridge; filled with pathways of rocks and trees. We were on the ocean, a clean, calm, beach with steady waves that we enjoyed this morning and at a bonfire last night. We saw alligators, monkeys, rabbits, and chickens. The chickens walk freely about the resort, and scared us when we realized they sleep in the trees at night. There were many stray dogs on the street and outside of the hotel that were emaciated and likely diseased. We bought jewelry from a local woman who makes everything by hand. We tried new foods at the resort’s restaurant, from shrimp dishes to fried fish with the head still attached. The fruit and Coconut water were authentic and fresh. After leaving the resort, we drove for 3 hours to this location, where we will stay for the rest of the trip. The sites were unreal. We passed through mountains, had to stop for bulls and cows in the streets, and the sky was a perfect blue. We passed through villages of brightly colored houses and many handmade homes. Most families stand out by the street trying to sell something to passer-bys. I noticed a lot of handmade furniture such as chairs and beds. I look forward to our first day of work tomorrow and exploring the village and markets surrounding the area.