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Mango Languages new Content & Features

On March 20th, Mango Languages will implement the following enhancements:

New content
Added more content to the most popular courses and restructured lessons to align our learning system with international standards of proficiency. By uniting the ACTFL and CEFR standards to create the Mango Proficiency Scale, mapped exclusively to Mango content, students will be encouraged to identify their own skill levels and goals, as well as help teachers clearly understand their students’ capabilities.

With the introduction of universally aligned content, and revisions that make the learning more accessible to students of all ages, they may find themselves in a different lesson, chapter, or unit than they were previously placed. We recommend that teachers review the new course structure outlines for the affected languages to plan lessons and assist students with understanding their new placements.

All-in-one interface and simplified navigation
Redesigned the Mango learning interface for easier access to relevant course content. With a simplified layout that clearly displays learning progress, and a scrolling sidebar that allows students to explore speciality courses, using Mango is now more intuitive than ever. The updated Mango system is now more personalized to students’ learning behaviors, making their achievements and review goals even more attainable.

Interactive learning activities
New activities that will enhance student language learning skills. Listening & Reading Activities are now included at the end of Units 1 and 2 in all of the most popular language courses. Designed to assess and strengthen students’ knowledge, these written and audio passages reinforce material learned during previous Conversations lessons, as well as introduce new vocabulary so that students are constantly learning and developing their language intuition skills.

Individualized review system
A personalized review system is being introduced to all learners, built to empower learners to learn at their own pace. This system has been engineered with adaptive algorithms controlled by the student’s learning behaviors to create the optimal review sequence for each individual. The system will remind students to review their material through daily activities until they feel confident in their comprehension.

What teachers need to know for the March 20 learning system update:
• For more on how the course structure has changed, instructors can download an overview from Mango’s information page, which will help you plan ahead for the content updates.
• For more on Mango’s proficiency scale, download the overview from their information page, which will help educators understand the learning goals now in place for our most popular languages.
• Students that use Mango’s mobile apps will be prompted to upgrade to the latest version directly on their device.
• The tech team has added redirect links to any URLs that connect to a new placement in Mango content, so teachers will not have to worry about making changes to any materials that included links to Mango’s earlier content versions.

If you have any questions about these changes ahead of the update, or if you experience any issues after switching over, please contact our Mango rep, Sabrina Richardson, at, or Mango’s customer support team at (877) 626-4611.

Hours of operation:
Monday to Thursday: 9:00am to 7:00pm EST
Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm EST