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Parzenn Partners: Consulting for Small Businesses

Parzenn Partners

Akhil Suresh Nair MBA’18 and Dhvanish “Danny” Shah MBA’18 are the co-founders of Parzenn Partners, a professional advisory and management consulting firm for small- and medium-size businesses. Parzenn Partners was created with the goal of providing high-quality professional services such as business process redesign, market and competitive research, lean management, and data analytics to small- and medium-size and family businesses that cannot afford traditional consulting firm fees. Parzenn is a partner, not a vendor.

Inspiration from the Family

Both Nair and Shah come from family business backgrounds in India. Shah worked to make the processes of his family’s business more efficient before deciding to come to Babson to learn the nuances of entrepreneurship. Nair is an engineer by trade and also holds double master’s degrees in marketing, entrepreneurship, and information systems, and data analytics. After working a few years in various large corporations and startups, Nair returned to his family business in the biotech field. He was able to turn the business around and scale it globally before deciding to study at Babson.

After coming to Babson, Nair began to do some consulting for small businesses in the Wellesley area. He then met Shah and they decided to team up to create Parzenn Partners.

The Partnership

The difference between Parzenn and other firms is the nature of the relationship; Parzenn wants to be a partner for the client rather than a vendor. Because of the experience of Nair and Shah from their own successful family businesses, they are able to empathize with their partners and were able to create a revenue model that is flexible to suit each individual business.

Through the relationships they have created with local businesses, they have seen great results and hope to continue to broaden their network in the near future. In the long run, they hope to create a community of interconnected small and medium businesses that are able to benefit from one another as well as the services of Parzenn.

The Babson Network

Nair and Shah, devote much of their work with Parzenn Partners and its success thus far to the Babson network. They were members of the Butler Launch Pad cohort at The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship, where they were able to get feedback and advice from industry experts and alumni as well as office space, legal support, and marketing help. The support of the Blank Center and the Babson community allowed Nair and Shah to take risks with their business and pivot often.

They found great utility in their course work in the full-time MBA program at Babson to grow as entrepreneurs. Also, they noted that the faculty went over and above to always support their academic success as well as their business’ success.

“Babson is indeed a cauldron of opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and has considerable back end support to help grow entrepreneurial venture. For those who are passionate enough to reach out, seek and you shall find,” says Shah.