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thehidden: Rebellious Self-Expression


Wes Woodson ’20 is the CEO and Founder of thehidden. Woodson was raised in an affluent, predominantly white, Boston suburb. “While growing up, my parents had me dress in a particular way: preppy, tailored, and clean,” said Woodson. He didn’t feel like he was able to properly express himself through his own fashion choices, and that is where his inspiration for thehidden began.

The Idea

As teenager, Woodson was personally drawn to urban streetwear as form of self expression. “When I shared my attraction to urban streetwear with my parents, I faced harsh rejection,” said Woodson. His experience led Woodson to create his own label of streetwear as a form of rebellion.

Woodson understands that a new brand is born almost everyday in the streetwear space. This is why thehidden’s focus is on sharing Woodson’s story of a need for self-expression, self-identity, and rebellion.

“What makes thehidden unique is the attention to detail from the packaging to the design and everything in between,” says Woodson.

The Future

Woodson has many goals for thehidden’s future. First, he wants to create a full product line of different garments, and broaden his portfolio from hoodies. He hopes to generate $10,000 in revenue before he graduates from Babson. He also hopes to gain widespread attention for his brand and achieve legitimacy within the streetwear space.

The Babson Community

Babson has helped Woodson turn his dream into a reality. “From the moment I had this idea, I was able to approach other students, alumni, and even professors to help guide me in the processes of defining my target market, finding a supplier, and building my online store,” says Woodson. Through the diverse community at Babson Woodson was able to gain different perspectives and ideas that influenced the thehidden’s creation.