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Rhombus: Making Influencer Marketing Accessible


Abe Storey ’20 is the founder of Rhombus, a software product that helps brands display ads around embedded social content. Rhombus lets brands tap into influencers at the cost and scale of programmatic ads. Another Babson undergraduate student, Sam Doliner ’18 is the head of brand partnerships for Rhombus.

About Rhombus

Rhombus works with publishers to monetize the social content already embedded on their websites, like Tweets and Instagram posts. Most publishers are already embedding this content, so Rhombus works with brands to help monetize these placements.

“For advertisers, simply craft a list of social media accounts and keywords and every piece of matching embedded content is surrounded by your advertisement. You get the power of influencer marketing – but at the scale and versatility of programmatic display advertising,” says Storey.

About the Founder

Storey has been building digital products since he was 11 years old.  Since then, he founded and sold a SaaS business, made an app that was considered a ‘best new app’ by Apple, and helped a myriad of clients launch digital products

Prior to Rhombus, Storey worked as Product Manager at Neon Roots, a full-service digital agency with a focus on entertainment and media. There, he helped celebrities and mega brands with the strategy, development, and growth hacking for their technology, whether it is a mobile app, game, or web platform.

Rhombus was born out of Storey’s experience with marketing campaigns. “When working on marketing campaigns for startups and Fortune 1000s, I saw firsthand how messy influencer marketing is – yet how powerful it could be when executed properly,” says Storey.

The Babson Community

“Babson is uniquely positioned to provide access to a network of founders and executives looking to grow their business,” says Storey. “I’m proud to say some of our first customers are Babson founders.”