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Babson MBA Biz – Gleeout – Recess For Adults

Naveed Ghalib MBA’16 has opened a new fitness facility in Woburn, MA – Gleeout – which, he says, provides “recess for adults.”


“Adults can come in and play games like tag, bubble soccer, relay races and PE type games all for the purposes of working out. We call it ‘the most fun workouts’,” Ghalib says.

“As part of our launch campaign and given all the tragedies we’ve had we are offering our services free of charge for non-profits and organizations looking to raise money for the recent tragedies,” he says.

Concerning future plans, “we will launch workout sessions for moms, competitive men, singles, date nights starting November,” he says.

Gleeout FAQs

What games do you play?

We play a lot of different games with our own twist to optimize the cardio element. Games like wiffle ball, soccer, relay races, tag, musical chairs, capture the flag and nerf gun shootouts are just a few of the games we play. Every week we have new games for you to enjoy.

How long is the session?

Our entire session lasts about two hours. You can workout/play as long as you want during the session.

Do I need to show up on time?

Please plan to arrive within the registration period window. We have some flexibility within the first half hour of a session.

Do I have to participate if I come?

No. If not participating in games you are welcome to hang out and play games like ping pong, arcade basketball, ice hockey and various others. You could even just come and watch others play and socialize. It’s actually a lot of fun to just watch others participate.

What should I wear?

You should wear proper gym shoes as there is running involved. Gym clothes are preferable as well but not required.

I am very much out of shape. Can I still join?

Yup. You can ‘gleeout’ at your own pace. No one is going to make you do pushups or punish you for not performing. Worse case scenario you can come and just utilize the game room type games like ping pong, foosball and others and not participate in any field games.

I am a hardcore runner, would this be any good for me?

While there is running involved in our games, our workouts also have elements of laughter and socializing. In addition, our games utilize other muscles that are not typically used while running. We encourage you to try it out and give us some feedback.

How many people can take part in a session?

Our sessions are long and we are able to handle about 40 or so individuals during any particular session.

Do you have weights and machines for lifting?

No we don’t. Where’s the fun in that?

Do you have changing rooms and bathrooms?

Yes we do.

What is the age requirement?