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Graduate’s Motivational Book Wins New Apple E-Book Award for Excellence

The Excellence Habit, the best-selling motivational book written by Vlad Zachary MBA’99, has won the new Apple e-book award for Excellence in Independent Publishing.

The Excellence Habit

The Excellence Habit is a captivating read that offers an honest examination of universal principles for positive change. The book is a reminder that we are the owners of our success. There are no magic formulas, shortcuts, or secret sauce. The 7 rules, or 3 steps, or 12 laws that promise to change our life – they won’t help, unless we do the work.

The Excellence Habit also examines the distinction between success and excellence. More often than not success is measured in social influence, recognition and wealth. For those practicing it faithfully, Excellence is its own biggest reward!

As part of the discussion of the principles of excellence, the book includes a detailed interview with Babson President Kerry Healey. Among other things, President Healey points out that “The school has a very clear mission, and it is to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create economic and social value everywhere. In a world where entrepreneurship is becoming a major force for lifting people out of poverty and empowering people who have nothing but their own initiative, this is what Babson needs to do.”

Vlad Zachary’s The Excellence Habit is available for download on Amazon. Other formats include paperback, iTunes, GoogleBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, and an Audio-book available for download here

Multiple times the book reached #1 on Amazon, in the categories of Business & Money, Applied Psychology, and Leadership.

Other awards for the Babson author include Best Motivational Book of the Year, by Next Generation Independent Books, Eric Hoffer Award, and Readers’ Favorite.

The Excellence Habit has more than 60 positive reviews on Amazon. Here is what some of the readers had to say:

I would recommend this insightful book to anyone embarking on a new endeavor, starting a new job, wanting to start a new business, or about to make a big change in his or her life. Reading this book will help you take an honest look at yourself and teach you to mindfully make simple changes that can impact the outcome of your work in a big way.” – Rick Baggio

We all need help breaking bad habits and forming good ones. Vlad eloquently takes us on a journey beneath the iceberg and onto reality so we can make excellence a Habit. Great read, thoroughly recommend it.-Michael Potts

What a great book! I love Amy Cuddy’s story about overcoming obstacles and never giving up. What gets me motivated is reading about what someone went through to overcome tough times. There are some amazing examples. This book stays in my Kindle!” -Shantee’ Parks

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About The Author:

Vlad Zachary is a 1999 Babson College MBA, a digital commerce professional, and author of The Excellence Habit. Among his other notable accomplishments are Pingwyn, a location-based mobile platform for networking, which he founded, and the production Mastering The Job Interview DVD, which is available on Amazon. Find out more at his author page.