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Babson in Miami: Alumni and Family Businesses

Babson has already made an impact on the Miami ecosystem with all the alumni and family businesses in the area.

Carlos Alberto Escotet MBA’14, CEO Banesco Panama

The Benderson Family ’03 ’16, President Benderson Development Company

Sebastian Gomez Puerto MBA’14, Founder and General Manager Cafe X

Murilo de Oliveira Amaral MBA’16, Francine Veloni Gervazio MBA’16,  Alfredo Keri MBA ’16, Co-Founders Cargo42

Ernesto Romero ’81 P’15, Chief Executive Officer Coex Coffee International

Magdalene K. Leborgne ’03, Owner Country French

Astrid B. Pedregal ’07, Founder Crasqi

Stefani De Aquino Paulinelli ’14, Founder and CEO Endlessly Organic

John S. Mattone ’78, President John Mattone Partners, Inc.

Philip H. Boulton ’97, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer Kannoa

The Zamora Family ’00 ’03 ’07 ’12, President, Founder and Chairman Lafise Corporation

Carla M. Curiel ’05, Co-Founder Mundo Lanugo

Ricardo C. Caporal ’00, Founder and President Mattoni Group

Antonio Turco-Rivas MBA’05 and Joseph B. Schneider MBA’05, Co-Founders P’kolino, LLC

Alberto Perlman ’98, CEO and Co-Founder Zumba AE Fitness

Sergio Boppel MBA ’07, Founder Great Circle Coffee

Mathieu Massa MBA ’07, Co-Founder and Owner Mr. Hospitality (EL TUCÁN, MARION MIAMI, BÂOLI MIAMI)

Christina Kesaris ’02, Founder Emena Spa

Jose Diaz ‘01 and Katherine Clase ’03, Co-Founders Quvel USA

Alex Rudolph ’13, Partner Tap 42

Danilo Diaz ’10, Co-Founder Toys for Boys