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Babson Hosts 9th Annual Latin American Forum: ‘Defy the Status Quo’

Latin American Forum 2017The Babson Latin American Club will host the 9th annual Latin American Forum: ‘Defy the Status Quo’ on April 7, 2017 from 8:00 am- 6:00 pm.   

The Babson Latin American Forum is a platform that connects Babson with the global community while building strong networks that transcend time and distance.

This year, the forum will be about entre/intrapreneurship in its purest essence. The speakers will present on how to break the patterns of the routine and boost innovation.

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About Babson Latin American Club

The Babson Latin American Club is a student run organization committed to generating awareness and to education out community about Latin American business, economics, culture and politics in an entrepreneurial way.

Featured Speakers

  • Violy Mccausland, Founder and CEO of Violy and Co.
  • Pedro Heilbron, CEO of Copa Holding
  • Jose Cil, President Burger King
  • David Bojanini, President and CEO of Grupo Sura
  • Julio Ligorria, Former US Guatemalan Ambassador
  • Rodrigo Lebois, President of Unfin Financiera