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OveRNight™ RN: Bringing Compassion and Care to Patients Post-Operation

OveRNight RN

Michael Freyer MS ’16 and his partner Amanda Richey have launched OverRNight™ RN, a service that provides ambulatory surgery clients with specially trained nurses post-procedure during the critical time for healing. They are extending the reach of expert medical care to the patient’s home, while also making the patient feel safe and comfortable on their road to recovery.

The Idea

OveRNight RN wasn’t the first business Freyer created, he originally wanted to design a product that would block noise from hospital rooms. He then brought on his partner Richey and they had a very difficult time convincing hospitals to invest in their technology.

Richey has been a nurse and administrator for 10 years and in that time she has worked closely with patients in post-operative surgery. She realized that many patients were returning home from surgery ill prepared.  “As many as one third of patients suffer from post-operative distress including nausea, vomiting, and other symptoms that present hurdles during recovery,” says Freyer. “That figure rises to two thirds among high-risk patients.” This is where the team realized: why no build the solution that gets surgery patients home quickly to avoid those chaotic noisy settings they were out to fix in the first place? This is where OverRNight RN was born. They have a team of fantastic nurses that bridge the gap of care from procedure room to living room.

Freyer and Richey have begun leveraging their connections in the San Francisco plastic surgery market as their first clients. They are now taking surgery aftercare to unprecedented levels of expertise and quality.

The Impact

Freyer is bringing his skills of entrepreneurship to an industry where it will have a great impact, healthcare. “By its nature, healthcare is a very innovative industry,” says Freyer. “New approaches and concepts are continuously being explored, and especially right now there is pressure on providers to prove their importance in the value chain.” The issue is that the industry is highly regulated so any type of change is very difficult.  Entrepreneurship is key to continuing the evolution of the health care system because innovators can prove and optimize their concepts on a smaller scale.  Incremental change is the name of the game, and OveRNight RN is doing just that.

Freyer’s goal is to eventually create a new standard of care. “Every patient needs, and deserves, adequate medical care for as long as they are not fully able to take charge of their own health and recovery,” says Freyer. Through their model they are providing opportunity for nurses to take on extra shifts in their busy schedules and are also hoping to prove that specialized nursing aftercare goes hand and hand with better surgical results.

The Babson Community

As a student at Babson Freyer was a member of the Arthur M. Blank Center’s Butler Venture Accelerator and says he owes a lot of the success of OverRNight RN becoming a reality to the team at Babson. He also credits the Babson community for supporting him in his endeavors. “Businesses don’t just succeed because of resources and ideas; they succeed because of people. Anyone trying to turn their idea into a success story can find the resources and connections they need among the Babson community,” says Freyer.

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