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Babson’s Annual MBA Product Design Fair

The annual MBA Product Design Fair will be held this Thursday, Dec 1, 2016 10:00 am- 1:00pm in Needham/Wellesley Room of Olin Hall.

Stop by anytime to see new products, including:

Moto Steamer:  A product which revolutionizes the way you remove wrinkles from your clothes without setup or cleanup time.

HemLED:  A bicycle helmet that not only protects your head but also solves your visibility problems at night.

OriWashi:  A reusable, expandable package that enables you to ship and preserve the garments you care for most.

Checkbox: A novel means to improve the payment and feedback process for restaurants and customers.

SnowWay: an all-purpose snow removal tool for the car.

Ordino Flex: A new, simple and functional laptop enhancer, allowing the user to raise the computer to an optimal angle, height, or use with a standing option.

Vedavoo Vice Phone Holder: An accessory for those who fly fish, enabling users to tie flies while consulting video-based instruction.

All students in the MBA Product Design Fair are from the Product Design and Development course and are excited to discuss their new product prototypes with you for your reactions and feedback.  Breakfast food and beverages available.  Contact Victor Seidel with event related questions.