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An Update from Babson President Kerry Healey

This past week, our Babson community demonstrated incredible strength and resiliency during a challenging moment for our campus. I want to firmly emphasize that our values are clear. Babson College stands for civility, respect, diversity and inclusiveness.

On November 9, an incident at Wellesley College brought significant negative attention to the College. Many members of the Babson community – and many beyond our campus – have expressed a desire for answers and action. An investigation was launched immediately following the incident and the Babson team worked diligently to gather information and review all related reports. Babson’s Office of Community Standards is now reviewing all available information and will take appropriate action in accordance with longstanding College policies (pdf). Be assured that these policies are strictly enforced and apply equally to every student. Please understand that federal law prohibits Babson College from disclosing specific disciplinary actions or outcomes relative to this matter. As we seek to be as transparent as possible in our response, we must abide by the law and respect the process.

Babson is enriched by a multitude of perspectives and made stronger by our differences. Yet the benefits of diverse and varied viewpoints and backgrounds can also present unique challenges; we were reminded last week about the ongoing need for mutual understanding and empathy on our campus and beyond.

Babson Stands with Wellesley

(Photo Courtesy of Wellesley College)

I am incredibly heartened by and grateful for the efforts of our students, faculty, staff and alumni to support each other and to affirm and demonstrate Babson’s values. This week, we have gathered many times to reflect, listen to a wide spectrum of voices, show solidarity with our neighbors at Wellesley College and participate in a continued dialogue about our collective vision for Babson. We have had difficult conversations but we have also engaged in an open and forthright dialogue about the shared aspirations of our community.

unity-event-600x450 leticia-600x450 President Healey with Studentsthanksgiving-event-600x450 On Wednesday, November 16, our campus came together for an evening of gratitude and reflection on the importance of community. Our students spoke beautifully about their experiences as members of Babson’s unique global community – demonstrating strength, grace and leadership. The voices of our students ground us, guide us, and refocus us on our mission to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create great social and economic value everywhere.

Over the course of the last week, we have been particularly grateful for the support of our alumni, faculty, and staff who have shared their guidance and wisdom. We have so much to be proud of. Today, we can confidently add our ability to rally together in trying times to that long and growing list.


Kerry Healey
Babson College