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Babson College Graduates Among 25 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Under 40

Polina Raygorodskaya ‘08, CEO, Wanderu, and Jamie Siminoff ‘99, Founder & Chief Inventor, Ring, are among Entrepreneur’s 25 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Under 40 Who Are Creating the Next Big Thing.

They come from all sectors and sizes, but the one common thread among them is they saw what was being done and did it differently. As an entrepreneur, you have to be different. You have to defy convention. You have to look at the world, at some problem, and say, “There has to be a better way.” – Entrepreneur.

Polina Raygorodskaya, CEO, Wanderu Wanderu

Polina Raygorodskaya’s visionary leadership pioneered metasearch aggregation in the field, creating the leading bus and train travel search platform in North America.

Prior to the launch of Wanderu, key figures in the American bus industry claimed that a ticket aggregation site would be impossible in the bus industry because there was no universal technology available to unite all different carriers. Polina, however, successfully led her team of developers to build said technology, and as a result, she ended up bringing the intercity bus business into the digital world.

“Our focus from day one has always been to grow the bus and train industry by making it easier for people to find their perfect trip from door-to-door,” Raygorodskaya said. “The technology we built is unique to the industry in that it doesn’t just aggregate already available resources but allows people to type in any address, city or point of interest and find the closest station to them; get transit directions to and from the station; and combine multiple providers to get them exactly where they want to go.”

Jamie Siminoff, Founder & Chief Inventor, Ring

Since founding Ring four years ago, Jamie has raised nearly $100 million from investors, like Richard Branson and grown the company from a team of three people working in his garage to more than 400 employees working in offices in Santa Monica and Scottsdale. siminoff-james

Siminoff created the world’s first video doorbell – a product that hadn’t been innovated in over 100 years. Today, his Ring Video Doorbell remains the only dual-powered product of its kind. While there are many smart home products available today, Siminoff knows the added value his product provides – the ability to proactively protect your home — is both what matters to consumers and what sets the company apart.

“I founded Ring with the goal of reducing crime in neighborhoods, and that remains the company mission today. By taking a different approach to the doorbell, we were able to build the first pre-crime prevention system with the Ring Video Doorbell. This was proven in a long-term study with the LAPD where we were able to reduce crime in a community by 55 percent using the Ring Video Doorbell. At Ring, we’re doing more than just creating a great product, we’re making communities around the world safer, and that’s why we work tirelessly every day,” Siminoff said.