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Adjoint Inc. Selected for EY Startup Blockchain Challenge

Update:  Smart Contracts Platform Company Adjoint, Inc. Wins “Most Investable Startup” Award at the EY Startup Blockchain Challenge in London 

Adjoint Inc. is one of 6 companies selected for the London-based Ernst & Young Startup Blockchain Challenge.

During the six week programme, which begins on 12 September, the startups will move into an
innovation hub in the office space of a technology accelerator in Canary Wharf, London. They
will have access to a selection of mentors from EY and EY’s clients, a series of educational
workshops, and regular contact with market leading businesses. The programme ends with a
showcase day on 20 October where the startups will demonstrate the solutions they have built.

“It is a great honor to be selected for this program where we can accelerate our growth while working on real-world applications of our technology. The six-week EY program, based out of Level39 in London, puts us at the heart of the blockchain universe and is the perfect launchpad for our company,” commented Havell Rodrigues MBA’03, Adjoint’s CEO.

Havell Rodrigues MBA'03

Havell Rodrigues MBA’03

Adjoint launched recently in Boston to start offering a platform for composable smart contract templates, using Adjoint’s own domain specific language, that ensures these contracts are correct by construction. Adjoint’s smart contract platform is being developed to work on all major distributed ledgers and is positioned to be a key player in the distributed ledger infrastructure/protocols for institutional applications of blockchain technology.

Commented Stephen Diehl, Adjoint’s CTO: “Our strengths lie in the areas of high-assurance software and compiler architecture. We have deep experience in the usage of functional programming such as Haskell for the formal verification of software. We are excited to apply this technology expertise to make smart contracts more reliable, secure, auditable and correct by construction for institutional use.”

In Boston, Adjoint is working out of its office space at the DCU Center for Excellence in Financial Services.

They have announced that Derek Schoettle M’03 has joined the Adjoint advisory board.

About Adjoint. At Adjoint, we’re building a revolutionary new messaging and consensus protocol allowing enterprises to quickly deploy, maintain, and analyze a global network of smart contracts on top of a mathematically verified, cryptoledger fabric. Adjoint’s approach is based on the latest research in cryptography, type systems and formal verification.