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In the Library, summer’s no time to slow down!

People outside of academia often ask whether college staff get the summers off. They are surprised to hear that for the Library and other departments it’s often a very busy time: time for upgrades, introduction of new resources, maintenance, special projects, etc.  This summer is no different and Babson’s librarians are working hard on your behalf.

But what would you like out of the library in the summer?

  • Do you want to learn a new language or refresh language skills?  Try Mango!
  • Will you be traveling to another country and want some basic information about it?  Take a look at Global Road Warrior!
  • Are you looking for a good read?  Check out our New Books, whether you’re interested in poetry or business, history or the sciences!
  • Do you want to delve into a research topic?  Use Power Search and Web of Science!

You can access Mango Languages, Global Road Warrior, and Web of Science on our list of databases, and Power Search on Horn Library’s home page.  But to see our new books, please pay us a visit!  We’re looking forward to seeing you in the Library!