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Babson Alumni Business wins Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Immigrant Learning Center Celtra
Source: Immigrant Learning Center

Babson Alumni, Mihael Mikek MBA’06, CEO at Celtra Inc, won the Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the High Tech category, honoring immigrant entrepreneurs in Massachusetts.

The award, presented by The Immigrant Learning Center, honors outstanding Massachusetts immigrant entrepreneurs in four categories: business growth, neighborhood business, high-tech and life science. Babson Alum, Edison Almeida MBA‘06 CEO at eCurv Inc, was also nominated in the High Tech Business category. Debi Kleinman, the Executive Director of the Arthur M. Blank Center at Babson, was among the judges for the Business Growth category.

About Celtra

Celtra empowers agencies, media suppliers and brand leaders with the leading creative technology for data-driven brand display advertising across all screens including mobile, tablets and desktop. AdCreator 4 is built to run large-scale and complex campaigns. It is a single, self-service platform for streamlined data-driven ad creation, performance optimized serving and consolidated reporting, providing common metrics across all screens.

About eCurv

eCurv introduces a new method for electric energy distribution through Queued Power Access – QPAC®. QPAC offers business customers lower energy costs by queueing power access of electric loads for a few seconds to minimize demand charges, capacity tags, and other associated real-time energy costs.

QPAC is imperceptible to customers and delivers immediate savings to a wide range of applications: Cooling, heating, pumping, motors, battery charging/discharging, etc… eCurv’s novel QPAC software service gives your business the best choice to avoid expensive electric energy costs.