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CWEL’s Duffy At Teaching Women Entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneurship education is not ‘one size fits all,'” said Susan Duffy, executive director of the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson, at this year’s in Austin.

Susan Duffy

Susan Duffy

Duffy’s session shared practical tips on creating “alternative spaces” that support the entrepreneurial development of women. She used as example, Babson’s Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab, which underpinned by social learning theory, creates a highly collaborative and rigorous approach to building the confidence and competence necessary to launch and grow high potential ventures. Creating a TRIBE is the key to motivation, accountability and transformation for entrepreneurs of all kinds to achieve success, she said.

“Everyone in this room has an opportunity in front of them today. We need the entrepreneurial energy and innovation of all men and women if we are to solve the world’s most pressing problems and make this planet thrive. Transforming women’s entrepreneurial potential into social and economic impact is one obvious way to get there. Join me in a new more inclusive economic revolution. We will all WIN,” she said.