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Babson Executive Education and Pearson Collaborate to Offer Innovative ‘Business Analytics for Managers in India’ Program

Recognizing the growing importance of data-analytics in today’s information driven economy, Babson Executive Education, one of the world’s top executive education providers and a division of Babson College – the No. 1 institution for entrepreneurship education, today launched an innovative blended learning program Business Analytics for Managers in India’ (BAMI) for Indian professionals. The 60-hour blended learning program aims to train Indian professionals across industries in data-driven knowledge creation.

Babson College is collaborating with Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, to offer this program in India. Pearson, with its in-depth knowledge and expertise in imparting world class learning, worked with Babson to develop the customized curriculum for Indian professionals.



Recruitment for the first cohort of participants has already begun with a program starting this Spring, 2016. Please log onto the official program website for more information:

Specifically tailored for Indian professionals who have at least two years of work experience, BAMI is aligned to the globally acclaimed curriculum, framework, and concepts of Babson College, the No. 2 American College as per a recent ranking announced by the Economist.

BAMI follows an integrated approach, covering theoretical as well as practical modes of learning. Learners can access the class either from the test centres or can have the convenience of anyplace learning through the remote classroom login. The BAMI program provides an introduction to the iterative exploration of data that can be used to gain insights and optimize business processes. In the context of real-world applications from diverse business areas such as marketing and operations, participants are introduced to predictive analytics techniques and the data analytics life cycle. The program includes:

  • Integrated pre-work and hands-on projects throughout the course
  • Stimulating discussions with Babson faculty and industry practitioners
  • Assessment of the necessary resources essential for the successful implementation of an analytics solution

Mr. Deepak Mehrotra, Managing Director of Pearson India shared, “The concept of data analytics forms the basis of the decision making process in the contemporary business ecosystem. With the scarcity of data analytics talent being particularly acute in India, there was a compelling need to introduce a program that makes business managers analytically minded and help them in making informed business decision. We are proud to be associated with Babson, the global leaders in entrepreneurship education in bringing this programme for Indian professionals”.

Babson College will have many highly acclaimed international faculty instructing the program and delivering the coursework, including- Dessislava (“Dessi”) Pachamanova, Tom Davenport, Philip Licari, Bala Iyer, Abdul Ali, Rubén M. Mancha, and Ganesan Shankaranarayanan.

Professor Dessislava Pachamanova, Faculty Director, BAMI, said “Big Data and analytics have become areas of critical importance in today’s businesses. The BAMI program helps participants develop the foundational understanding needed to identify where analytics practices can be successful in their organizations. This program explores topics such as data management, data analysis, model building, marketing analytics, and in assessing the value of analytics in the context of the organization and its ecosystem – that today’s most successful information-driven organizations rely on for better decision making”.

Before introducing the program, Pearson, in partnership with Frost & Sullivan,  commissioned a survey among Indian professionals to understand their appetite and need for Business Analytics courses.

The survey gathered the views of 151 executives to manager level professionals from Delhi (75) and Bangalore (76). The respondents were from varied sectors and streams such as banking, finance, sales, operations, marketing, advertising/PR and others.

According to the survey, the top motivators for Indian professionals, to take up business analytics certificate courses are – Promotion (68%) and getting a new skill (63%). While Delhi respondents were looking for more tangible benefits (93% of Delhi respondents choose promotion), participants from Bangalore were keener to update their skills (57% opted for getting a new skill).

Preference among work streams:

Professionals from Operations background (32%) are most inclined towards pursuing courses in analytics, followed by Marketing (19%) and Advertising/ PR professionals (16%). The interest to take up courses in analytics was highest among Managers (32%) followed by Engineers/ Technical Heads (17%) and Executives (17%).

Preference of course duration:

The respondents mentioned that the ideal course duration should be one to three months (53%). Almost one-third of the respondents from Bangalore with two to five years of work experience feel one to three months is the ideal course duration (74%).

Preference of course delivery mode:

While the majority (51%) professionals still prefer face to face, there is an equally strong base (49%) who prefer online and blended mode of delivery. Indeed, majority of Delhi respondents prefer the latter (77%).

Willingness to pay fees for certification courses in Analytics:  

The respondents (80%) expressed the willingness to pay a fee of up to INR 180,000 for pursuing a certification course in Analytics.

Aligned to the professionals’ aspirations, BAMI will be offered at a fee of INR 1,80,000.

About Pearson:

Pearson is the world’s leading learning company, with 40,000 employees in more than 80 countries. From nursery to grade 12, test preparation and higher education to professional qualifications, Pearson’s books & publications, curriculum materials, multimedia learning tools, testing & assessment programs and integrated services help people of all ages make measurable progress in their lives through learning.

Pearson’s work spans through three core verticals – a) K-12 or schooling, b) Higher education and test preparation and c) Vocational (and professional) education, thus addressing the needs of learners and educators through the entire learning spectrum. Established in India since 1998, Pearson has introduced its wide range of products and services in top notch educational institutes as well as directly to the learners.

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