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‘Personal Branding’ Assignment Nets Insightful Student Posts On LinkedIn®

Marketing Professor Victoria Crittenden knows the importance of crafting a personal brand. “To be in any kind of business today, your first priority is to become chief marketing officer for the individual brand of YOU.” Students in her Ugrad Marketing Management class quickly learned how to do just that.

One of their assignments was to write and publish a marketing topic on LinkedIn®.   Said Crittenden, “The LinkedIn® assignment came on the heels of a storytelling project where they had to produce a story about themselves−Brand You! −and tell it to their classmates and visiting corporate executives.”


Nikki Sun

Senior Nikki Sun’s post, “Move Aside Millennials: Let’s Talk Gen Z” was enthusiastically received by Maya Pope-Chappell, Education and Millennials News Editor at LinkedIn® Publishing, who visited Crittenden’s class to provide guidance on student submissions.

Sun has always been fascinated by branding, the strategy behind it, and how it has the power to make consumers feel a certain way. Her story was posted on Dec. 4th and within just four days, Move Aside Milennials captured 183,147 views, 1,330 Likes and 323 Comments.

Said Crittenden, “Nikki has creatively and insightfully encapsulated her marketing knowledge in this very informative piece about GEN Z consumers. She crafted a compelling story that has engaged people from a variety of professions and, it appears, a variety of age groups. This is an example of marketing and storytelling at its best.”


Tom James

On Nov. 30th, Sun’s classmate senior Tom James posted, “An Open Letter to Businesses: This is How Millennials REALLY Feel About Your Annoying Online Adverts” and to date has 65,177 views, 904 Likes and 345 Comments. A multi-venture entrepreneur, James is founder of TJ Growth, a web design, social media, SEO/SEM, graphic design, copywriting, and campaign management business; and co-founder/CMO of Umbrello, an online platform designed to revolutionize the warranty market from traditional hard copy storage to digital, cloud-based management.

James grew up in the English countryside and was introduced early on to the sport of Mounted Games which he says made him “… mentally strong, determined, a hard worker, a grafter, a perfectionist and someone who didn’t want to be second best.” Mounted Games is a branch of equestrian sport in which very fast games are played by people of all ages on ponies.

Keep an eye out for all of Crittenden’s students who will publish on LinkedIn® through the end of the semester.