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New: Country Operational Risk Reports

Through the end of April, our subscription to Business Monitor International’s Country Risk and Industry Risk reports also includes Operational Risk reports. Focusing particularly on emerging markets, these reports assess the risk of doing business in 80 countries.  The reports cover the labor market, logistics, trade & investments, and crime & security.   You may already be familiar with the in-depth country reports Business Monitor International offers; those reports discuss the political and economic climate and include SWOT analyses for about 200 countries.  And the industry reports look at major industry sectors in each country in-depth, reporting on growth trends, company strategies, and risks & rewards.  Now the new Operational Risk reports round out the picture of business conditions in a given country.  Also provided are statistical data for all the aspects the reports cover, and one can also compare how countries stack up against each other in terms of risk.

Find the link to Business Monitor International on our alphabetical list of databases or on the Country & Global subject page.  Let us know whether we should add the operational risk reports to our existing subscription.   The vendor is providing the content for free through April, so please take a look and let us know whether you find the reports useful.