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Babson Graduate Startup: Homes by Masha

Babson Undergraduate Alumna Masha Senderovich is founder of Homes by Masha at Keller Williams, where she has been able to pursue her own passion for real estate as a consultant and owner of her premier venture with Keller Williams Realty.

Masha Senderovich

Homes by Masha

At Homes by Masha, which I operate through my main office in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts and by car within Route 128, my main goal is to help people move into, and out of, their homes with as little gray hair as possible. And my mission is to educate home buyers and sellers through a tailored approach, because educated consumers make decisions that they can feel good about immediately, and for many years to come.

From Book to Business

At the beginning of my career, I was a single parent commuting more than 10 hours per week to and from a beginner level consulting job, and I didn’t get to see my son a lot. I knew there had to be something better, so one day, I picked up a real estate book and one thing led to the next – and here I am! I probably work more than 100 hours a week during peak months, but with Homes by Masha, I am able to have a life outside of my career and see my child grow up all while pursuing a career I love and building my business.

Inspired by Opportunity

For years I’ve had friends tell me that I’d do really well in Real Estate. The stars finally aligned in 2010, allowing me to get into the business after an attempt (or three) at a corporate gig.

What inspired me to start my own business is also what attracts many to this field – an opportunity to be my own boss. What I didn’t realize before I started this venture is that I have a passion for exploring new things, and within real estate, there’s never a shortage of changing market conditions, lending practices, laws, and architecture to explore. I’ve definitely found the career I’ve been searching for, and enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with my clients. As the business grows, I place a great emphasis on educating them about the ins and outs of buying and selling, the importance of knowing their options, as well as involving the appropriate professionals along the way – a process that has certainly proved successful. Clients have demonstrated an appreciation for the information and thoughtful research I provide from day one, and my approach has helped to build many lasting relationships.

What’s not to love?

I get to be a part of my clients’ transition into and out of different phases of their lives, from buying a first home together, or upgrading because there’s no place for the new train set they want to give the kids, even for those who are downsizing because the children have grown up and moved away. I also get to learn about different neighborhoods, stories, where the old farms used to be, you name it. It’s fascinating! I find it very rewarding to play such an intimate role in the process, and I’ve made many great friends along the way.

Getting Down to Business

My business tripled between 2012 and 2013, and I maintained the same 100% satisfaction rating during this exciting growth period. Homes by Masha also grew about 25% in 2014 and I am excited to share that I was just nominated for REALTOR Magazine’s ‘30 under 30’. 


After some very interesting home inspections over the years (like when a home inspector found a giant 4ft beehive in someone’s attic that must have taken years to build), it’s hard to get surprised by much these days.

But I’d have to say that the biggest surprise I’ve encountered, and a much appreciated one at that, is that many of my clients become amazing advocates for the business, as well as some of my most valued marketing tools. Both original clients and those that they’ve referred have informed me that there is simply too much information out there, and that I’ve been a great partner to have in helping to make sense of all that’s circulating, and to filter out what’s most important along the way.

I’ve also been surprised by some market trends, like the fact that there has been a new shift among younger couples to buy a home before they get hitched. There’s even a saying in the industry these days that it’s now harder to get out of a mortgage than a marriage! 

I build my business by referral. If you have a friend, coworker or family member looking to buy or sell property, please send them my way. I promise to take very good care of them!

Masha Senderovich `05, ABR, BPOR

Real Estate Consultant | C. 781-330-0152 | F. 857-229-2061

KW Realty, 1151 Walnut Street, Newton MA 02461