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Looking for RMA eStatement Studies? Use BizMiner Instead!

A careful review of the similarities and differences between RMA’s eStatement Studies product and BizMiner revealed that BizMiner provides more extensive content and represents a better value.  Faculty and librarian input contributed to the decision to let our subscription to eStatement Studies lapse and instead refer users to BizMiner.

In terms of industry financial reports, BizMiner covers over 5000 industries, 34 financial ratios, 23 profit & loss and 18 balance sheet line items, up to 300 US metro areas from all 50 states, up to 12 sales classes, and ratios five years back.  But this is not all:   BizMiner’s industry market reports cover 9,000 business segments in market areas as small as a single zip code or as large as the US.  BizMiner can be accessed from the Library’s A-Z listing of databases.

For those looking for historical ratios, we have purchased the archive to Dun’s Key Business Ratios, also available on the A-Z list of databases.  KBR has ratios back to 1979.  These historical industry financial ratios are available for over 800 lines of business, and KBR also includes industry norms for major industry segments.