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Babson Startup Profile: Parlor Skis

What is your name and the name of your business?

Mark Wallace M’14, Parlor Skis.

What’s the mission or description of your business?

Parlor is a New England based custom ski builder. Launched in Cambridge, Parlor offers a level of customer service, customization and performance that separates them from the traditional ski companies.

Every ski is built to order and Parlor customizes each ski to the rider for the best fit possible. Underlying the beautiful custom top sheets the parlor engineers have designed a ski that will elevate your skiing to the next level. Personal interaction is not just recommended, it is required in the Parlor design-build process, it is part of our mission to connect the skier to their ski builder.

Parlor Skis

Parlor Skis

Where is your business located?

East Boston. 175 William F McClellan Hwy. East Boston Ma, 01218….One exit past the airport.

What inspired your business?

I have spent most of my life involved in skiing and construction. Parlor offers me the perfect balance of hands on work, and business. It also allows me to build skis that make people enjoy their days on snow more, whats better than that?

How did the idea begin?

Like all great ideas this one began over a few beers. I learned from Jason that the technology in ski manufacturing had improved to a point where you could make very high quality skis on a small scale. This sparked the idea that we could design and fit skis in a new and better way that could be very disruptive to the market.

What is your favorite thing about the business?

I love seeing people making great turns and smiling on something that we built, its a feeling unlike any other.

What is your most recent business accomplishment?

We recently relocated our shop to a dedicated manufacturing facility and in the process made some huge improvements our production. We also met our pre-sale goals for this year and are busy building skis.

What’s been your biggest surprise with the business?

How hard it is to sell skis. Sales is really hard.