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Featured Alumni Business: DUBGEAR

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Jansen White M’06.  My company is DUBGEAR.

What’s the mission or description of your business?

We make awesome portable audio products with a unique and fun twist in how you use them.  We’re on a mission to transform portable music – packaging sound in brave new ways.

Where is your business located?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.   We are online at and on Twitter/Facebook.

Jansen White enjoys DUBGEAR!

Jansen White enjoys DUBGEAR!

What inspired your business?

There are too many boring portable audio products on the market that lack stylish design and functional usability.  These products collect dust on your bookshelf.   We wanted to be different and create exciting, functional and durable products that will travel with you – and are fun to use.

How did the idea begin?

One day, while sitting around a campfire with some friends, I was looking at my friend’s beer koozie and thought “what if there were speakers in his koozie”.  Bam!  The idea for our first product the DUBSTEIN was born.  Next thing you know, I started imagining ideas for different and unique audio products – so I created a company and brand called DUBGEAR to deliver on these cool ideas.

What is your favorite thing about the business?

I enjoy the team collaboration.   It’s fun to solve problems and see ideas evolve and come to life.

And the worst/your least favorite?

Although extremely important to the business, I can’t say I care a whole lot for administrative and bookkeeping tasks!

What is your most recent business accomplishment? 

We secured a manufacturing partner and prepared our crowdfunding campaign to launch in June 2014.

What’s been your biggest surprise with the business?

How long everything takes!  I now anticipate everything taking twice as long – and budget accordingly.

Is this your first business?

Yes. And from a personal standpoint, it has been a big change from doing marketing/sales with large medical companies.   Wouldn’t have it any other way!

Anything else to add?

The best is yet to come.  Stay tuned Dubbers.  Cheers!