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Featured Student Business: Gaudium



What is your name and the name of your business?
My name is Daniel Lloreda, Class of  ’15.  Email for business inquiries. Our business is Gaudium. Please visit us at

What’s the mission or description of your business?
Gaudium is a men’s luxury clothing brand. All our clothing is made from the most premium Organic Pima Cotton, with added splashes of Argentinian leathers and exotic prints. We provide Pret-a-Porter [ready to wear] pieces for the upscale metropolitan man who wishes to distinguish himself in the most selective concrete jungles of the world. We believe that every man should distinguish himself in every aspect of his life. Our hipster-yet-luxurious clothing will help this man stand out.

Where is your business located?
Miami, FL.

What inspired your business?
My co-founders and I recognized a gap in the luxury clothing market after realizing that men were tired of using generic luxury brands such as Prada and Hermes. This target market sough to wear new and more distinguishable pieces in order to avoid uniformity, and in hopes of standing out in the competitive social scenes of the world.

How did the idea begin?
I was in Miami, enjoying the summer days while at the beach with my friends – and now business partners. We were discussing the uniform issue among our circle and the idea suddenly hit. We told ourselves: we would use my business and strategy background, Mauricio’s famous fashion designer mother (Silvia Tcherassi), and Samuel’s highly successful retail investor father. Boom, we booked our ticked to Medellin and found our current supplier in Colombia Moda.

What is your favorite thing about the business?
I like to work with local suppliers all around the world in order to find the most exquisite materials. My manufacturer is in Peru, my leathers are produced in Argentina and Nicaragua, and my silks come from indigenous tribes. Travelling and finding “hidden gems” drives me every day.

And the worst/your least favorite?
Working with friends is very challenging. We have had our ups and downs, and one must learn to distinguish between business time and friendship time. We finally became quite adept at understanding this distinction and it has made us much more efficient.

What is your most recent business accomplishment?
Becoming a semifinalist in the B.E.T.A Challenge, and locating the most optimal retail location in the heart of Boston. We are expecting to open a Pop-Up-Shop on Beacon Hill (in front of the Boston Commons) this upcoming summer. We will not only showcase Gaudium products, but also other luxury brand startups. Please contact us for inquiries as we’d like to showcase more luxury and highly unique brands.

What’s been your biggest surprise with the business?
All the positive feedback from customers and friends. The clothing is actually in high demand and I am thrilled to continue our growth projection.

Anything else to add?
Follow us on Instagram at Gaudium_official and on Facebook at Gaudium_official. Stay tuned for the upcoming summer 2014 collection which is expected to launch in May 2014.