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Featured Student Business: Started Tomorrow

Started Tomorrow Logo2 BlackName of Business:
Started Tomorrow

Discover the growing era of entrepreneurship with Started Tomorrow — a blog that brings you the most inspirational stories behind the best young entrepreneurs from all over the world. Our stories will inspire you, encourage you to enact change, help you grow and make this world a better place than it was yesterday. Start your tomorrow.

Started Tomorrow MissionWith a mission to sprout, promote, and empower the entrepreneurial spirit among youth all over the world, we focus on distributing the personal stories of young entrepreneurs behind their ventures, not just their product or service. We will provide valuable resources like tips and lessons for young entrepreneurs so that together we can create a community of entrepreneurial spirit.

We hope that together we can build a powerful brand and become a global organization that can empower youth with necessary resources to become extraordinary people. Let’s become a generation of the innovative, the crazy, the fearless, and most of all — the Starters of Tomorrow.

Name and Contact Information:
Han Kim ’14, Founder & President;

Boston, MA

I have learned so much valuable, precious knowledge and entrepreneurial wisdom during my time at Babson College. This education has dramatically changed my life—from the way I live my everyday life, to the lens that I view this world with, to the way I think, talk, act, and interact with others. Most of all, learning entrepreneurship has given me something that cannot be labeled with a price tag—and that is hope and optimism for my future. Learning how to create something out of nothing to basically improve society and the convenience of humanity is truly… the greatest feeling of empowerment one can possess.

I realized that it is my duty, as a fellow human on this earth, to spread what I have gained through Babson to as many other young people as possible so that they can also benefit from such empowerment. Our world is full of greedy people who hoard knowledge and refuse to share information that can create a better tomorrow. If I can make even the smallest of difference in another person’s life, through any form of inspiration so that they may be motivated to take action, then that is all I want out of this blog. I want it to make our millennial generation get up, create something, and make legends out of their lives. Inspiration is what drives humanity at its core and I feel that this blog is a small step in doing just that—inspiring people.

How the Idea Began:
The reason I chose to start a blog to carry out my personal mission is because I consider myself to be rather deft in literature and writing. I have received a lot of great feedback on my past writing for my personal blog and writing has always been something I enjoyed doing, but wasn’t doing enough. So I figured, I might as well write more and give people what they want!

Favorite Thing About the Business:
When someone takes time out of their day to tell me how something from the blog inspired them. Even if it’s one person, that’s more than enough to make me want to continue operating this blog.

Worst Thing About the Business:
Just being anxious that I’m not doing everything I can to take me closer to achieving my mission. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I tend to feel stressed when I feel discontent with the tasks I’ve accomplished on a given day… which is pretty much everyday. A lot of times I catch myself staring at a blank word document for about half an hour… not moving, typing, fidgeting, or anything – just thinking really intensely about things I may have missed or what I could do better.

Most Recent Business Accomplishment:
Just feeling fulfilled for the work I’m doing. Receiving compliments from my friends is really great, but what’s most rewarding is when people tell me that they were inspired by my content. I’m also starting to get random young entrepreneurs asking me to interview them so that they can also share their story and help with my mission. I’m creating a movement and when people want to join that without me explicitly asking them to do so, that’s a great accomplishment in my opinion.

Definition of Entrepreneurship:
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