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Past Summer Venture Program Participants: Where Are They Now? (Series: Part III)

Seth Burstein

Seth Burstein M’11

Seth Burstein M’11 participated in the Summer Venture Program in 2010 and 2011 with two different ventures, Trade Show Internet and Golden Health Guide. Burstein started Trade Show Internet prior to attending Babson and established Golden Health Guide with his co-founder, Laura Goodman Mitchell M’11, during his first year of the MBA program. Today Trade Show Internet is still in operations, but Golden Health Guide is no longer in business. Trade Show Internet provides wireless internet access for trade shows and corporate events.

According to Burstein, the Summer Venture Program was an opportunity to “be surrounded with other people who are at a similar stage, which enabled me to more easily find useful resources.” Burstein believes that the most valuable benefit of the program was getting to know colleagues, mentors, and the program director, Steve Gold. He was able to learn useful skills like how to make contacts and grow sales, which might have been a challenge if he were working by himself.

With one business that persisted and one that did not, Burstein highlighted that every success and failure is an opportunity to learn. He also added, “In my eyes, the success or lack thereof of a venture is not always a reflection on the entrepreneur or the idea. Hence, as long as the entrepreneur is learning, they are moving in the right direction.”

Hear from this year’s Summer Venture Program participants at the Venture Showcase on Thursday, July 25, and check back for more posts from our “Past Summer Venture Program Participants: Where Are They Now?” series.