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Featured Summer Venture Program Student Business: Artblix


Name of Business:

Mission/ Description:
Artblix connects local artists and artisans to the global market by enabling them to sell their handmade goods online. We are starting with the artists and artisans of Guatemala and plan to grow by incorporating more artists and artisans from around the world. We believe that we can change the lives of undiscovered artists and artisans, and give customers handmade products with authentic cultural value that they weren’t able to find before.

Name and Email:
Rolando Chinchilla ’15;

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Inspiration for Business:
Our inspiration comes from the many talented artists and artisans in Guatemala who don’t have the resources or time to sell their handmade goods online. These people create some of the most beautiful and unique handcrafts in the world. However, they are often exploited for their work, which is commonly their main source of income, or they are only able to sell their products locally to the  tourists who are lucky enough to find them. We thought that we could make a difference by introducing these undiscovered products  to the online market.

How The Idea Began:
The idea started by talking to tourists from the U.S. who were visiting the handicraft markets in Guatemala. These tourists were often amazed by the uniqueness, rarity, and cultural richness of the products that they found. These types of cultural experiences are only found inside countries and differ on a country by country basis. Then the idea came: How do we bring these unique works of art and their creators not just to tourists, but to a global audience? That’s when we decided to create Artblix.

Favorite Thing About The Business:
Our favorite thing is definitely the impact that we are making in the lives of all the artists and artisans. Creating social value and improving these  lives is our everyday motivation to improve and to be the best that we can be.

Worst Thing About The Business:
It has taken a long time to develop the business to the point where it is now.

Most Recent Business Accomplishment:
Artblix is currently participating in Babson’s renowned Summer Venture Program; a program that has really set organization, structure, and realistic goals for the venture. (Hint: The 2013 Summer Venture Program Showcase will be held on July 25, 2013. Visit the Summer Venture Program site to learn how you can attend.)

Help Artblix:
Artblix recently launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for our venture. Help us reach our goal by visiting our campaign page >>

Definition of Entrepreneurship:
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