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Looking for some summer reading?

Our New Books shelf has plenty to choose from! For example, we’ve got some Pulitzer Prize winners and best-selling authors’ new titles:

  • Paul Theroux: The Lower River
  • Richard Ford: Canada
  • Junot Diaz: How You Lose Her
  • Louise Erdrich: The Round House

Or how about some biographies?

  • American Tapestry by Rachel Swarns, about Michelle Obama’s ancestors
  • Barack Obama: The Story by David Maraniss
  • On a Farther Shore: The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson by William Souder
  • The Passage of Power (about President Lyndon B. Johnson) by Robert Caro

Are you a movie buff?  You might enjoy David Thomson’s The Big Screen – The Story of the Movies.

There’s lots more!  Come into the library and browse for what interests you!  Just ask at the Info Desk where to find all the new books.