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Featured Student Business: DashaBella

Name of Business:DashaBella

Mission/ Description:
DashaBella is a company that is dedicated to promoting women empowerment through our promotional products; we strive to offer the gift of beauty to every woman by specifically targeting women owned businesses and organizations. We understand that it is important for women owned companies and organizations to stand out from competitors. We do this by offering an alternative, memorable choice with promotional products. Clients and customers will be reminded of the company’s brand and the dedicated loyalty they provide their customer. By simply placing their logo on a product that millions of people carry, their brand stays with the customer all day and is seen by new potential customers during each use.

Name and Email:
Nitiya Walker ’14;

New York

Inspiration for Business:
After attending the Harvard Women and Business conference in 2010, the Vice President of Google gave each attendee a free lip balm with Google’s Logo on it. I thought that it was a new memorable way for companies to connect with customers. I wanted to take this concept and help other women owned businesses and organizations market their companies.

Favorite Thing About The Business:
Viewing the client’s satisfaction with the product after purchase.

Worst Thing About The Business:
A lapse time in between making the next sell.

Most Recent Business Accomplishment:
The company is at its most financially stable point within the last three years. We also started a blog on our company website.