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New Leadership Roles for Shahid Ansari and Dennis Hanno

This is a copy of a message emailed to the on-campus community this morning from President-elect Kerry Healey.

I am writing to share significant and exciting news about Babson’s next generation of leadership.  The changes in leadership structure are being initiated to ensure that Babson benefits from continuity of management, remains in a strong position to capitalize on opportunities, and is infused with new perspectives and expertise.  Len Schlesinger, Shahid Ansari, Dennis Hanno, Carolyn Hotchkiss, and I are working in concert on a transition, and reorganization plan that will reflect Babson’s priorities moving forward and make the best use of our talented team.  Below, I outline a few key transitions and appointments that serve as the cornerstone of this work.

After nearly five years as Babson’s Provost, Shahid will shift his role to focus exclusively on Babson Global efforts.  On July 1, 2013, he will assume full-time responsibility for this critical assignment as CEO of Babson Global. As you know, Babson’s new agreements in different regions of the world have important and far-reaching implications, including among them a critically important partnership with the Saudi Ministry of Economic Planning and Lockheed Martin.  This incredible opportunity, among the many in the pipeline for Babson Global, allows Babson to deliver its unique brand of curriculum design and expertise to partners around the world.  These relationships, the results of almost five years of work overseen by Shahid, clearly demonstrate the vision and perseverance he brings to help transform opportunities into realities for Babson.  With Babson Global now poised to “come out of the garage”, it needs his experience and leadership full-time to ensure its future success.  I am excited that Shahid will continue to lead our efforts to build and strengthen these valuable and opportunity-rich global relationships.

As I prepare to assume the Presidency in July, I am very pleased that Dennis Hanno will partner with me to help take Babson to the next level.  In line with the succession strategy that Len and Shahid have long advocated, Dennis will assume the role of Vice President and Provost on July 1. Dennis undoubtedly is one of Babson’s most exceptional and talented leaders.  I am very confident his demonstrated leadership as Dean of our Undergraduate School, as Murata Dean of the Graduate School, and as Vice Provost will allow him to hit the ground running as Provost.  Over the coming weeks and months, Dennis and Shahid will be working closely to ensure an orderly transition and leading a thorough search process to identify a new Murata Dean and Associate Dean for the Graduate School.

I am grateful to Carolyn, our Division Chairs, and the Senate Executive Committee for their consultation on the succession planning process for Provost, confirming the prerogative of the President to name the Provost and supporting my decision to name Dennis Hanno to this role.

During this time of change, I am deeply grateful to have Shahid’s steady hand leading Babson Global and Dennis’ experience and insight as Provost.  I hope you will join me in celebrating the commitment these two leaders have brought to Babson to date and all they will achieve on behalf of the College in the future.  Further, I look forward to working with Scott Moore as he joins the Babson Community.  Together, we are embarking on this exciting next chapter in Babson’s story.



Kerry Healey
President-elect, Babson College