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Featured Student Business: Game Day Men’s Products

Name of Business:Game Day Men's Products Photo
Game Day Men’s Products

Mission/ Description:
To provide skincare to the active man who demands the best. Our daily care collection addresses all your needs from irritation to anti-aging to breakouts. Game Day has you covered.

Name and Email:
Demetri Demascus ’13;

Greenwich, CT

Inspiration for Business:
I was motivated to start Game Day after I just could not find any cool, high quality products for guys. Everything was cheap, cheesy or pointless. Many of the well-known high-end skincare and shaving products currently on the market for men are actually designed for women and rebranded for men. That is unacceptable for a man who is looking for something created with them in mind. What I wanted was simple, nice looking, high-quality products that were good for my skin and masculine. Men are starting to take care of themselves more by exercising, eating right and taking care of their bodies. Choosing to use the right products for you skin is another essential step in making the right choices to keep you and your body healthy.

How The Idea Began:
Game Day was started for the active man. Sports and physical activity help drive a man’s life. I remember my father taking me to watch New York Rangers games or driving me to my own youth hockey games. Game Day is important to men across all generations. Whether it is a child experiencing an intense game against their cross-town rivals, an active man tying his shoes for a run, or a grandfather enjoying watching football on Sunday, it is Game Day. Like sports, shaving is essential across generations. While the tools and styles have changed over years, learning to shave is a step towards manhood. Our aim is that when generations of men shave with our products, they will be ready for Game Day.

Favorite Thing About The Business:
My favorite thing about Game Day is having the opportunity to work hard on something that I enjoy. It is extremely exciting watching the business grow and continuously setting new goals for yourself as you achieve them.

Worst Thing About The Business:
It is such an established industry that is currently being reformed so there are so many existing distribution channels. Also consumers are skeptical about changing facial products. However, once they try Game Day, many of our customers become loyal users.

Most Recent Business Accomplishment:
Our most recent business accomplishment was being featured in an interview.