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President-elect Healey Attends Engaging Turkey Initiative

President-elect Dr. Kerry Healey is among those attending at the first meeting of the Engaging Turkey Initiative, sponsored by Brookings Institution, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and supported by the Carnegie Corporation.

President-elect Healey at Engaging Turkey Initiative

Ambassador Richard Burt, Babson President-elect Dr. Kerry Healey, Sasha Havlicek, CEO, Institute for Strategic Dialogue, and Scott Carpenter, Deputy Director, Google Ideas, at Engaging Turkey Initiative

The Engaging Turkey Initiative is a Trilateral Track II Dialogue between former statesmen and women, senior business leaders and non-state actors from the US, EU and Turkey.  The goal of the project is to establish a new and complimentary trilateral mechanism for engagement with Turkey that moves beyond the narrower spheres of EU accession and NATO cooperation, in which all parties engage on an equal footing.

This new outward-looking trilateral dialogue aims to create a framework within which Europe, the U.S. and Turkey can work together at a Track I level to more effectively address geopolitical challenges of common concern from energy, counter-terrorism and transport corridors to conflict resolution and stabilization in areas ranging from the Balkans and Caucuses to Central Asia and the Middle East.