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Featured Student Business: Pioneero

Pioneero Web Site

Name of Business:

Mission/ Description: is a college-based social network to connect aspiring entrepreneurs, musicians, and filmmakers. We want to be a site that helps people find collaborators/team-members for music, film and startup projects, as well be a place where students can see and find out about all of the cool projects others on campus are pursuing.

Name and Email:
Stephen Foung, MBA Candidate;
Roddy Radnia, M’14;

A combination of our space at MassChallenge, our homes, and various places on campus at Babson.

Inspiration/ Business:
When Roddy and I first came to Babson last year, we both wanted to get into the startup world and create or join new business ideas. However, we found that there wasn’t really a way to see what everyone at Babson was working on, and there wasn’t a way to find people who had the same interests as us and who were interested in collaborating. This is what we hope Pioneero can provide: A way to really get connected into the community of startups and like-minded people on campus.

We also included music and film because we feel that this is a problem that they also face (especially being someonewho always wanted to start/join a band when none of my friends were really musically talented.)

How The Idea Began:
I started to have the idea on my road trip from California to Babson last year. I thought it might be cool to have some sort of online matchmaking for entrepreneurs. The idea developed and evolved into what it is today.

Favorite Thing About The Business:
We feel that we are doing something pretty new and are solving a problem that both of us have experienced as student entrepreneurs at Babson.

Worst Thing About The Business:
Not being sure if people will be receptive to the site/if it will catch on.

Most Recent Business Accomplishment:
Finishing the initial beta version of the site and getting it live at