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Featured Alumni Business: Go Pro Workouts

Name of Business:
Go Pro Workouts

To make athletes better

We believe the way most amateur athletes train for sports is wrong. Most athletes, at almost every age, simply don’t have access to the best training resources. Their workout and training routines are mediocre at best and in most cases so is their instruction. They are simply wasting their time.

Go Pro Workouts is changing the game by taking the expensive and fragmented resources and knowledge afforded mostly to the world’s elite professional athletes and, for the first time, making it available to the masses at an affordable price.


Our company collaborates directly with the world’s most decorated athletes in their respective sports to create mobile sport-specific training and nutrition programs geared specifically for athletes. These aren’t cookie-cutter programs. These are the same training strategies the pros use to stay in elite shape. Now you can access the same training and nutrition information as your favorite NFL running-back, NBA point guard, or Olympic skier.

Alumni Name and Contact Info:
Joseph Lamoureux, MBA ’08

Boston, MA

You know how some startup ideas were inspired by some crazy set of events… well this is one of those stories! But I’m not ready to tell it just yet.

How the Idea Began
I came home from work one night, grabbed a notebook, sat on my couch, and started writing down everything I was passionate about. I immediately wrote three words ‘playing sports’ and ‘fitness.’ The idea really morphed from those three words. Looking back I genuinely think that the reason we’ve made it even this far (and we absolutely have a long way to go) is because there was a focus on doing something with which there was a lot of passion.

Favorite Thing About the Business:
There are a lot of things I love about our business and entrepreneurship as a whole. If I were to point to one thing in particular it’s our team. This team is made up of some of the most scrappy, persistent people I’ve ever met. Every challenge, every obstacle, every setback (and there have been more than a few) is met with an unstoppable desire to win and to become successful. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Worst Thing About The Business:
The worst thing, by far, is the thought or fear that I could somehow let down my teammates or our investor (and this goes for all of us.) I have to say that this is one heck of a motivator. I genuinely feel that this mindset can drive people to do amazing things.

Most Recent Business Accomplishment:
On the partnership front we’ve had a lot of cool things happen lately. We just raised our 2nd seed round, partnered with a major retailer (several more to follow), and were recently written up in multiple national publications. But in my opinion, our biggest accomplishment lately is the team’s unwavering focus on overcoming the next challenge despite these accomplishments. Teammates include: Jared Antista, Business Development; Jeff Seals, Information Technology; Kevin Asplund, UX / Graphics Design; Rob Hammer, Photographer; Jordan Valente, Videographer.