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Featured Alumni Business: Abraxas Solutions

San Mateo Atenco-20130129-00236
Name of Business: 
Abraxas Solutions

Mission/ Description:
Abraxas Solutions provides clean technology project integration and solutions, often involving multiple technologies per site, to mid to large size enterprises in the Mexican and Latin American markets.

Alumni Name and Contact Information:
Alec Bowers

(Note: To learn more email Alex at The Abraxas Web site is coming soon!)

Mexico City, Mexico and Phoenix, AZ

Inspiration/ Business:
We’re revolutionizing the way that companies in Mexico use energy and waste. On the other side of the border, we are helping US based technology companies to further prove their concepts, gather more data, and commercialize their technologies with world class Mexican firms. Our proposition is a win for every side. Mexican clients save energy and water at their factories and offices, which also saves them money in the expensive water/energy market of Mexico. Young technology companies get large Mexican clients who can scale their technology rapidly once pilots are integrated.

We are uniquely positioned due to our founders’ relationships with US based VC and technology firms. This provides us with a portfolio of technologies we can work to commercialize at an early stage. Our relationships and our track records with large firms in Mexico are also very valuable.

How The Idea Began:
My co-founder, Daniel Servitje, and I were talking about energy and water in Mexico and realized there was a big gap in the technology that most Mexican companies have access to (versus what is available in the US and Europe) and a lack of credible expertise in integrating these technologies into their operations.

Favorite Thing About The Business:
We help to make things more efficient and we reduce waste by taking waste processes and byproducts, and turning them into either energy or into usable residuals. We believe strongly that we can do more with less, which is what we help our clients to do. This ultimately makes for better corporate citizenship, better use of our natural resources, and a reduction in the footprints our clients make upon the environment. Ultimately we seek to help companies make facilities fully sustainable as our portfolio of technologies grows.

San Mateo Atenco-20130129-00235Worst Thing About The Business:
Meetings at water treatment/sewage plants. It’s better to do meetings after lunch than before!

Most recent business accomplishment:
Getting our sales pipeline filled with multiple clients much more quickly than expected right after commencing operations.