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KPMG/ALPFA Case Study Competition

Babson students Gwendolyn Campero (2013), Gustavo Chan (2015), Vinayak Daswani (2013), and Stephanie Hillebrand (2015) are participating in the KPMG/ALPFA Case Study Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 12-15.  Professor Jan Bell is the team’s faculty advisor.  KPMG advisor is Lauren Johnson, assisted by Melissa Ricci.

The KPMG/ALPFA competition presents accounting students with the challenge of resolving real-world accounting issues in a collegial and competitive environment.

Students from schools around the country analyze eBay’s 10-K, identify and present recommendations about significant audit risk areas, and field questions to a mock Board of Directors made up of representatives from KPMG and ALPHA.

***Update: The student team won the regional competition.