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Babson Students and an Alumnus Approach Funding in an Entrepreneurial Way

Two companies – one founded by an alumnus and one founded by current Babson students – are using an entrepreneurial approach to seek funding for their projects through Kickstarter, a funding platform.

Red Raider Studios, founded by Marc Girolimetti ’96, hopes to gain funding for its first game, Silo – a board game destined to be a video game. Silo is a strategy game in which each player moves five balls through two silos to win. Marc’s game currently has eighty-three backers. While we are partial to the offer of investing one dollar and receiving a hug in return, a pledge of just twenty-five dollars will reward you with a free copy of Silo on five platforms. There are four days left to invest in Silo.

FLOW by EarTop Technologies, allows users to stream music wirelessly to headphones, car stereos, and home sound systems. The company was founded by Babson students in a dorm-room. There are thirty-nine days left to fund FLOW through Kickstarter. A pledge of sixty dollars will allow you to pre-order the Flow Series.