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Rob Go – Len Schlesinger Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Len Schlesinger, the current President of Babson College and former COO of Limited Brands and Au Bon Pain. It was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had interviewing someone – the man is incredibly engaging and I found his thoughts on the education and practice of entrepreneurship really inspiring. Below is a summary of some segments with links to different spots in the video. But I really would encourage folks to walk the whole thing.  Some sound bites to tease you:

  • On whether school is a waste and entrepreneurs are better off just dropping out? “That’s complete nonsense”
  • On how Babson competes against Harvard, Stanford, and MIT: “Our strategy comes from Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead”
  • On what makes Babson unique: “we have a ‘method”
  • On what gets him going every day: “We are all entrepreneurs but too few people live to practice it. I believe in my heart of hearts, I wake up every morning seeing a straight line between what I do and the possibilities of a better world by engaging in the broad scale democratization of entrepreneurship rather than keeping it an exclusive club.”

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