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SimplyMap enhancements make it easy to use!

Check out SimplyMap 2.0: New wizards take you through the process of creating maps, tables, and rankings, so that this complex tool is much easier to use than before. 

What is SimplyMap?  It’s a mapping tool for demographic and consumer data (but you don’t have to create a map — you can see your results in tabular form, too).  It incorporates data from the US Census Bureau as well as several consumer research firms.  Use it for business planning in terms of figuring out where best to locate your prospective business.

Sample questions might be:

  • Which zip codes in Boston have the highest median income?
  • Which location is best for a specialty chocolate shop?
  • Where in California do people spend the most on food, ranked by zip code?
  • Which Massachusetts counties have the most people interested in attending concerts?
  • Map daycare centers in the Wellesley area and also show population between 0-5 years.
  • Find zip codes in New York where at least 20% of the people have a college degree and also have a household income of over $50k.

Some of these questions are not quite so easy to figure out, so avail yourself of our research guide or feel free to contact for assistance.