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Name Of Business:RooferQuotes

Mission: To provide concierge-level service to help homeowners find the right roofer.

Name & Contact and Babson connection:
Johan de Borst Babson MBA ’12 (2 Year Full Time)
Kevin Kauzlaric MBA ’12 (2 Year Full Time)
Matt Pecci MBA ’12 (Fasttrack)

Where: Wellesley

Founder’s Past Life/Business:
Johan de Borst: 9 years experience software development industry and
Ireland’s College Entrepreneur of the Year.
Kevin Kauzlaric: Family in the construction business, served 4 years
in the US Marine Corp.
Matt Pecci: 15 years experience in the construction  industry in the
Boston area.

How The Idea Began: First emerged out of an undergraduate business plan competition in Ireland.  The focus was too broad initially.  The Founders met at Babson College and were encouraged by Babson Professors and advisers at the Blank Center to build on the idea and to focus on just one

Replacing or repairing a roof is a major investment.  Boston has its
own unique circumstances:  Victorian roofs, Cape designed homes and
damage from extreme weather to name but a few.

Finding the right roofing contractor often times involves more art
than science.  Roofer Quotes is not an anonymous website that finds
your contractor with a magic algorithm.  It is the first ever
concerierge-level service that helps homeowners find the right roofing

Best or Worst Thing About The Business:
Best Thing: Helping homeowners find the right pre-qualified roofer.  Making those connections is very satisfying.

Biggest Challenge: Working on strategic issues while remaining focused on homeowner and roofer satisfaction.