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Babson MBA ‘08 Ahmed Siddiqui Launches Fun Educational Game For Pre-School Children On iPhone And iPod Touch

Go Go Mongo! Launched on the Apple iTunes App store. The game is designed for children ages 2-4. The game features a lovable character named Mongo, and challenges children to catch food falling from the sky. Children learn about different foods, use their motor skills to make Mongo run, and use their memory skills to catch the right combination of falling foods.

The iPhone is such a remarkable tool because the interface is easy enough for a 2 year old to use. Unfortunately, many of the popular games on the iPhone are too difficult for a 2 year old. Alternatively, most of the educational content built for the iPhone struggles to keep the child’s attention.

After watching his 2 year old cousin interact with his iPhone, Ahmed started downloading tons of children’s games and testing these out with his cousins. Although it was a long process, Ahmed learned a lot by simply observing his target market, a key principle taught in the Product Design and Development class offered at Babson.

This is the first release of a series of games featuring Mongo. Future updates to the game will include a report card feature, where the parents can see how their child is progressing. A testing mode is also in the works.

Ahmed used bootstrapping techniques taught at Babson, and he pulled together a team of game programmers and artists to build the game. The idea to teach through games had been brewing in Ahmed’s head since he graduated from Babson, but did not have the time to execute until very recently, after leaving his job at IBM Global Business Services. Ahmed and his team also won Startup Weekend Silicon Valley, back in May 2010, which really helped them believe in the concept.

iTunes App Store link for Go Go Mongo!

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