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Impact International

Name Of Business: Impact International.

Mission: Sales of Process Oriented Technology and best practices from Japan and Korea to India – We deal in CNC Machine Tools, Special Purpose Machines, Automation & Robotics Solutions, Pattern Equipment for making Moulds and Dies, Plastic Injection Moulds for the Automotive Sector, Speciality Grade Steels for Piston Rings Manufacturers, Turbochargers, and also conduct Joint Ventures and Collaborations between leading Companies in Japan / Korea with business houses in India. The focus is mainly on Automotive & the Power Sectors.

Name & Contact and Year of Graduation:
Deshdeep Wasu – Graduation 1999
3-1-13, Shinsenji Dori
Chuo-ku, Kobe, 651-0051, Japan

Where:  Kobe, Japan

How the Idea began:
My grandfather came to Japan in 1957 and eventually started his own venture which was a trading company selling equipment, toolings and various other hi-technology items from Japan.  He was insightful and was actively involved in setting up relationships with leading business houses in India, such as the Munjals, the Kirloskars &  the Kalyanis and numerous leading business families in India.  He was instrumental in recognizing the need, and in linking  leading Industries in India with Japanese Process Know-how and technology.  Impact International was started by my father, Mr. Manjit Wasu in 1988 (22 years ago). We are third generation Indians living as permanent residents in Japan (although I now hold a U.S. Citizenship, Japanese permanent status, and an Overseas Indian Citizen Status, which allows me further flexibility in my business.

Favourite Thing about the business: The interaction and meeting executives from both countries which fosters constant learning.  Visiting Factories & Manufacturing facilities of leading Japanese manufacturers and now some fantastic Indian factories is indeed a privilege.   Also the knowledge that I can have a positive impact in the country where I was born (India), and the country where i primarily grew up (Japan), is satisfying.

Biggest challenge for the business:
The Indian economy is growing and there will be further need for JV’s and Collaborations between Japan & India. Also since the YEN (Japanese Currency) is very strong at the moment, it makes business a major challenge due to other currencies which are weaker today – Euro, Won, dollar – so business is more competitive. Then there is the Indian market which is already ultra competitive.  So the needs to find the right match and technology to sell is also a challenge, but his also gives us our niche and our specialization which allows us to remain unique as an engineering services + trading company. We will surely look into investing into or setting up a Joint Venture between India and Japan to expand our presence and to meet the current challenges for the future.