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Name Of Business:  Jotpop INC –

Mission: To create a better dating platform on Facebok – A friend of your friend might be your perfect match!

Name & Contact: Assaf Korkidi –

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

Founders Past Life/Business: Assaf Korkidi MBA 08 – Founder of Guesthouse Network (

How the Idea began: We were thinking (4 of us) about different uses for browser extension and we came to the conclusion that a browser extension can bring a new Facebook experience to the users. Jotpop allows you to quickly sort through the guys and girls in your network and events.

With Jotpop you can Like interesting people, and if both of you like each other – Jotpop will make the match.

Favorite Thing about the business: We are bringing a new way to experience facebook, we get great reviews from users all over the world. We had to overcome some great technical difficulties and now that we are gaining users it is a great. Also, the entire entrepreneurial process is a lot of fun.

Biggest challenge for the business: As a web consumer product the the most challenging thing is distribution or in our case viral distribution. We cannot “buy” customers, we need to make sure that our users have great experience using Jotpop.