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Business: EazyOn
Connor Lemenze ’10,
Slogan:  The spray that gets you into your sport
Located: NJ & VT
Idea Began: As a Babson Undergraduate on the Babson Ski Team I noticed the struggle and pain individuals, on the team and in the base lodge had putting on their ski boots.  Ski boots are  stiff and for the best performance are fitted to be extremely snug making it difficult getting them on and off. Determined to solve this issue, I spent two years researching and testing different lubricants that allow easier entry and exit from ski boots. This past summer we finally discovered an organic formula that fit all of our product requirements. We launched EazyOn in January and have been thrilled with the success we have had thus far.
Worst Thing About The Business: I thought that being involved in the ski industry would allow me to go skiing more. So far I have only gone 3 times this year.
Biggest Challenge: Successfully breaking into new markets will be our biggest challenge. We hope to break into the wetsuit, waterski and equestrian boot market this year.
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