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Omyen Corp.

Name Of Business:  Omyen Corp.

Web site: www.Omyen.Com

Mission/Description:  Leveraging its invention of Personal Financial Index (PFI), a comprehensive financial health benchmark, Omyen Corp’s mission is to make PFI the standard for all personal financial decisions. We are also committed to develop a comprehensive set of innovative, intuitive, and easy to use financial advice technologies for our institutional and corporate partners to help them drive substantial financial benefits.

Name & year of graduation and Contact:  Dinesh Sharma, MBA 2001, 781.363.0062, Dinesh.Sharma@Omyen.Com

Where located: Westwood, MA

Founder’s Past Life/Business:  Dinesh is a passionate advocate of financial planning literacy and affordable financial advice with more than 15 years experience in financial services. Before starting Omyen Corp., Dinesh worked at Fidelity Investments where he ran the financial planning and brokerage account services business for financial advisors and was responsible for developing product strategy and executing wealth management solutions. Prior to that, he oversaw all aspects of building new investment and technology products that drove business growth and strengthened market leadership.

Dinesh is an Engineering graduate of Indian Institute of Science and received his MBA from Babson College where he majored in Entrepreneurship. He is a Certified Financial Planner ( CFP® ) and is actively involved in the activities of associations and boards of financial planning.

How The Idea Began:  The idea really came from the experience working in financial services industry and based on various observations:

– The struggle of an ordinary American in dealing with the day to day finances to managing longer term financial goals such as retirement, kids college education, life insurance, etc

– Economic volatility and uncertainty coupled with confusing product based piecemeal advice

– Issues related to longevity, Medicare, and uncertainty around Social Security

– Perception of financial planning as intimidating and something that’s meant for rich people

– Inefficiencies in the marketplace with respect to advisors’ inability to engage customers and service them cost efficiently

Our challenge was to come up with a solution that provides substantial benefits to all  the participants in the financial services ecosystem.

Favorite Thing About The Business: Making a difference in people’s lives through actionable financial literacy.

Worst Thing About The Business:  Nothing really. I love every bit of what we do day in day out.

Biggest Challenge:  Not having enough money for marketing.

Additional comment: Our vision is to see PFI become the financial health benchmark for every consumer for the ongoing measurement and monitoring of financial health.