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Cloud Jolt

Name of business: Cloud Jolt

Mission: To make a meaningful difference in the world by providing high quality services that promote community involvement and giving back to charities.

Name and contact info: Alex Friedberg,, 781-640-9410

Where: Babson College, Babson Park MA, 02457;

Founder’s Past Life/Business:

   Alex Friedberg – Smash Theory, Brand development Firm
   Augustin Ba – Smash Theory, Brand development Firm
   Alex Shearer – Web Design of Cape Cod, web development
   John Rioux – MUNmatters, Model UN blog

How The Idea Began: We wanted to expand the services offered by our prior existing web development business, but then we saw the potential to change the hosting industry and provide a socially responsible solution by raising awareness and giving back to charities, while also providing the best web hosting services to our customers.

Favorite Thing about the Business: We get to make a difference no matter how small or big it is and we have the power to get millions of people involved.

Worst Thing About the Business: Our business costs limit our ability to donate more in our growth period.

Biggest Challenge: Promoting ourselves in such a saturated market (hosting industry), as well as raising awareness for our cause.