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RunKeeper Gets $1.11m Round Of Financing

From the blog of Jason Jacobs M ’05: It wasn’t too long ago (May 2008, to be exact) that RunKeeper was nothing more than an idea.  Today, almost exactly 2.5 years later, the company looks very different.  We are 9 people full-time and have a product used by millions of people around the world who make up an incredible user community that is passionate, supportive, and growing very quickly.

While we feel fortunate for what we have accomplished to date, we have also only scratched the surface compared to what we plan to accomplish moving forward.  There is a huge opportunity in front of us, and we are committed to seeing RunKeeper through to realize the full scope of it’s potential.

In order to get there faster, we are excited to announce that we have brought in some additional firepower – a $1.11m round of financing led by new investor O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV), which makes $1.51m total raised to date.  We liked Bryce and the OATV gang from the minute we met them.  Bryce (who also invested in our friends at foursquare) is an avid cyclist, and like us, is a big believer in mobile/social/fitness/quantified self.  We couldn’t be working with a better partner to help us build RunKeeper into everything that it can be.  We are also honored that 100% of our existing investors, including LaunchCapital and a handful of angels, chose to participate in the round.

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